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Homestead Products for you to take home.

Due to the overwhelming response, we have had to our Homestead Products, we have decided to list them here on the site.   You are now able to special order your favorite products in advance so that we will have them ready for you at your next visit.  You say that you aren’t able to make it to the Ranch for pick up?  No problem.  We can deliver your Ranch goodies for a delivery fee!  Shipping is also available if you aren’t local.  Please allow a 2-week lead time for us to get your personalized order ready.


Available Products


CHICKEN EGGS                      $6.00/DZN

Farm fresh chicken eggs collected twice a day, every day. Please let me know if you are interested in chicken eggs for hatching as the handling for hatching eggs is different for us than the handling for eating.


QUAIL EGGS                           $8.00/DZN

Farm fresh, gourmet quail eggs.  These delicate Quail eggs are a fraction the size of chicken eggs but pack 3x more nutrients and minerals with high iron and potassium content. Some consider them more delicious than chicken eggs, and they are enjoyed in many cuisines around the world. Quail eggs are perfect for hors d’oeuvres, canapes, and garnishes. Use them in all the ways you use chicken eggs or be creative and try them hard-boiled, cut in half, topped with a little crème fraîche and a dollop of caviar.



Quail offers a more flavorful meat than other members of the bird family. Think of it like a miniature chicken with extra richness and moistness in every bite. Marinate these whole quails in butter or your choice of sauce, then roast them hot and fast (whole quail has a tendency to dry out if cooked too long). We can process them for you for an additional fee.  Approximately 14ozs. meat per bird.


LIVE QUAIL                               $12/bird

We raise quail here at the Ranch for you to start your own backyard flock or finish feeding out the way you like.  We do offer a package discount.


GOAT MILK                                    $7.00/QT

Raw, unpasteurized goat milk with a smooth and deliciously sweet and mild flavor.  Did you know that goat milk is a prebiotic? Easier to digest than cow’s milk makes goats milk an easy choice for those who are lactose intolerant.  The goats here at Pine Ranch are family and are treated as such.  They are fed the highest quality feed available.  This makes our girl’s milk some of the richest milk available.   This milk has not been scrutinized or tested or overseen by the government.


HOMEMADE BUTTER                      $6/BAR

Sweet creamy butter in bars the size of soap.  We can make all of your favorite flavors of butter using the rich cream from our goat milk.  Once you have had homemade butter, it is really hard to go back to store bought!


HOMEMADE YOGURT            $15.00/PINT

Our fresh, homemade yogurt is sure to be one of the best you have had.  Many favorite flavors available such as salted caramel, plain, honey, honey vanilla, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry.  Please send an email to see if we can make your favorite flavor!


HOMEMADE SOAPS            $8.00/BAR

Our homemade bars of soap boast beautiful colors and fragrances.



Our hand salve is made from scratch from all natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and lavender essential oil.  I started making this salve because my hands would get so dry from the constant washing while milking our goats.  This beautifully scented little Ranch secret really keeps my hands soft and quickly heals any scratches or cracks that inevitably happen from everyday Ranch life.





A huge and heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of you who has purchased products from us in the past.   Your purchase of our handcrafted goodies goes directly to support the amazing animals here at the Ranch.  Your continued support allows us to bring the best life possible to the animals we call family and affords us the opportunity to bring more variety of animals here to share with you.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

We very much all look forward to seeing you at your next visit her at Pine Ranch!