Pine Ranch is tremendously excited to offer you a unique, Wild West, Pioneer experience in 2022. Many have mentioned to us that our way of life is difficult to come by anymore. We wanted to share our lifestyle with as many people as we could to show that even in our modern world, some of the old world thoughts, philosophies and way can still exist.

Get a real taste of farm life with our Homestead packages. Take a step back in time; even if only for a little while. Slow down and experience a simpler lifestyle while you enjoy rustic enlightenment. Rural, small-footprint, homesteading lifestyle can be the idyllic escape you have been searching for.  Call or email now to set up a custom time for you and your family or group.



“Taste of the West Experience”

Pet or hold the animals including cows, horses, cats, chickens, (in season) baby goats. Possible bottle feed baby goats.  Milk a goat and participate in our famous Bovine Encounter.

$30/person.  Children 3 and under free.  Horse rides on a lead additional $20 CASH each ride.




“Behind The Scenes Experience”

During this 4 hour day, you will get to help feed, water and check all horses, cows, chickens, goats.  In season and based on availability, baby goats will need bottle feeding and goats will need milked.  Learn basic care for each type of animal.  Discover how each animal helps us on the Ranch today and some history in the parts each type of animal has played in times past.  Hold chickens and pet goats, cows and horses.  Partake in our famous Bovine encounter. This option offers you longer time spent with each type of animal and gives you the opportunity to learn about being a Rancher for a day.

Adult $40/Person. Children 4-14 $15/Person. Children 3 and under free.    Horse Rides on a lead additional $20 CASH per ride.




“Extreme Homestead Experience”

Making home made Wheat Berry bread from scratch will be the way you start this six hour day.  Eggs will need to be gathered and goats will need milking.  We will show you how to process the milk so that it will be safe to drink. We will make fresh farmer’s cheese and butter. We will feed and learn about the animals on the Ranch.  We will do some gardening and pick fresh vegetables from our garden for lunch. The afternoon will find you in the midst of the cow herd to partake in our Famous Bovine Experience. We will finish the day with a team building exercise designed for the whole group to learn about themselves. This option will make YOU the Homesteader for the day.

Adult $65/Person. Children 4-14 $30/Person. Children 3 and under free.   Horse Rides on a lead additional $20 CASH per ride.