Sorraia Horses


Fall of 2017 brought the newest addition to Pine Ranch.  10 Sorraia horses found their way to the Ranch in search of a new beginning.  The Sorraia horse is a critically endangered breed of horse indigenous to the Iberian peninsula, in the Sorraia River basin, in Portugal. More information can be found here

Two of the horses we have here are of pure Portuguese decent.  Our Sorraia stallion’s father came straight from Portugal.  We have worked very hard to do education in our area about the breed, its uses, and its fine temperament.  We will have a few select foals starting June 2019 for sale to approved homes.  Our goal in this project is to preserve the Sorraia with the help of other devoted equestrians who will use the offspring we produce in traditional roles such as 4-H, show, ranch, working cow, barrel racing and trail or endurance riding.  Many of the Sorraias are gaited and are extremely smooth to ride.  We will be retaining several of these spectacular horses for our lesson program here at the Ranch.  We are currently offering one of our Stallions to a suitable breeding home.  Please email me if you might be interested in helping to preserve this amazing and critically endangered breed of horse.



F 172 DOB:4-12-2008 Sire: Altamiro (Pure Sorraia from Portugal) Dam: Bella F122 14.2H grulla Sorraia stallion.  Animado is extremely gentle, quiet and bidable.  He was imported from Canada for Ravenseyrie Manitoulin Island.  He will be covered several of our Sorraia registered/typed mares in 2018 for a few select foals in 2019. We will be re-doing the crosses for 2020 foals as well if we like what we see. He is standing to the public to select and approved mares only. Stud Fee Private Treaty

(photo to the left taken lovingly by Lynne Gerrard)


SMS Registration # F-157 DOB 3-20-2005 14.1H Golden Dun Stallion HOA reg. #1661, SMR Reg. #3622 DNA tested Homozygous Black (EE). Majestoso is one of the nicest stallions around.  Has the wonderful Sorraia type and gentle personality that he passes on to his offspring.  His foals are quiet minded and so easy to work with.  One of his sons is working on becoming a working cow horse. Another is going to be the best friend for a young teenager who will be using him for trail riding and possibly 4-H events while a daughter is working on becoming a rope horse. Another daughter will be staying with us to use in our personal program.  STUD FEE PRIVATE TREATY


SMS Reg.# P-13 Grulla 13.2H mare. DOB 5-10-2009 Encantara is the great Enchantress!  She is just about as sweet as any one horse can be.  Soft, kind, even tempered and a fabulous mother.  Encantara will remain here at Pine Ranch and will become part of our personal program.  We are so excited about the possibilities she represents in the continuation of the preservation of her kind. Encantara is bred to SOS Eagle Calling for a June 2019 foal.


AKA Dream Girl SMS Reg.# F-116, SMR Rg. # 3477, SSMA Reg.# 2666 DOB 7-6-2004 Sonhe is the perfect Ambassador for the Sorraia and Spanish Mustang breeds.  Sonhe looks into your eyes and straight into your soul.  She is soft and sensitive and exactly mirrors what she sees.  Her love of people is so evident when I watch her interact with people who are looking for an answer.  I have seen grown people who are not equestrians spend some time with Sonhe and leave wondering why they haven’t had horse their whole lives. Sonhe will remain in the Pine Ranch program to further the preservation of her breed.


SOS Bravura – SMS #F-191- DOB 5-20-2011 Silver Grulla mare 15 H. Bravura is a really neat mare who has been chosen to stay here at Pine Ranch to further our Sorraia preservation project.  She is out of Sonhe and By SOS Eagle Calling.  Her tremendous spirit, kind heart, great mind is an asset to the breed.  She is bred to Animado for a June 2019 foal.