Anne’s training is centered on novice or unbroken horses. Although she has extensive experience dealing with horses that are unmanageable, she has decided to no longer accept those type of horses into her program. She is instead taking horses that have already been backed and need training for a certain discipline or just need a refresher course. Anne has a unique knack of teaching horses quickly and quietly to become very reasonable and docile. Ground manners and a solid foundation of trust and communication make a horse not only more manageable but also more appealing to be around. This is where Anne will start. She is able to break nearly any age to saddle and bridle in a matter of a few lessons. After she has put some time on your horse, he or she will be able to be ridden just about anywhere by just about anyone.

Training price: $750 per month includes board.

Anne’s Thoughts

First, a few thoughts. Most of the time, horses can be taught the basics in a relatively short amount of time. Horses though, are like people and every now and again there will be one that takes a very long time to get even the first idea thoroughly. This type of horse can be expected to take much longer than usual to train. I will be able to tell you in usually less than thirty minutes which type of horse you have. Second, when you pick up your freshly broke or newly trained horse, he or she is usually very soft, supple, and compliant. Your newly worked horse is not like a truck you just got back from the shop and you take it home not expecting to use it again for a while. Say you take your freshly trained horse home and turn it out to pasture for three months. At the end of your horse’s vacation, you take him/her out to ride. You should not expect your horse to be soft, supple, and compliant. This is NOT the trainers fault. Unless you left that horse at your trainers for years, this is YOUR fault. Your horse is more like a child. You MUST work with your horse regularly to keep it tuned up. It takes years to make a reliable, steady, well broke horse. When you see someone riding a top notch performance horse, please be aware that training did not happen in 30, 60, or even 90 days. My Twister horse, who would lay down on command, took five years to become the steady reliable lesson horse that he was for us. My Copper horse who many of you have seen spin, canter half pass and slide to a beautiful stop took years to become the polished horse she is today. Many of my clients have witnessed Copper’s or Twister’s greatness and then want me to train their new two year old to be just like Copper or Twister. Unfortunately, they want it done in 60 days tops. This is not a reasonable expectation of either me or their horse.

The horse MUST be allowed to choose for itself the next step.

I require the owner be as much a part of the training process as possible.  We will work with your horse five to six days a week. I will work at the pace in which your horse can be taught. That is to say that if your horse is a fast learner, I will teach him the maximum amount of things I can in the time I have to work with him. I WILL NOT work your horse faster than he is physically or emotionally ready to be worked. Fried minds in my opinion is the number one cause of horse turnovers. I do require that you come out and train with your horse. In other words, I require that you come and watch and learn and participate in what I am doing with your horse so that you may (to some extent) duplicate the techniques at home. Your horse will not be worked if the weather is inclement. Snow and ice are hazardous to a horse as are temperatures below freezing. If your horse misses a training session due to unforeseen circumstances, that day of training is credited to the end of your paid month. Your horse still eats and board is still incurred during this time and you will be charged accordingly.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.